How To Turn On Call Tracking in Google Ads

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Something Strange Happened With Google Ads Call Tracking Recently.

Call tracking and Click to Call ads are a great way to reach potential customers quickly. Especially on mobile devices. They have an opportunity to click right on the ad and call your business, which means there is very little friction.

We’ve been using call tracking for a number of clients for, well as long as I can remember. However, recently when I was on a call with one of our Google reps the first thing she did when we started the call was to direct me to turn on call tracking. I was was a bit surprised that it was not on, since as I said we have been using it for a long time.

When I asked her about it she said she has seen it with many of the Paid Search Agencies she is working with. I asked if it was an update from Google Ads that automatically turned it off and she said she didn’t know.

At any rate, after that, I checked my other client accounts, and guess what… Call Tracking was turned off on all of them! So I had to go through and turn them back on for all of them.

If you are wondering if your accounts have been turned off.

Here’s How To Check if Your Call Tracking is Turned On and Turn It On:

1: Log into your Google Ads account.

2: Then in the upper right click on the wrench icon “Tools & Settings” and choose “Conversions”

Google Ads Tools & Settings

3: Go to “Settings”. There you’ll see the “Call conversion action”.

Google Ads Conversion Settings

4: Click the dropdown on the right and set it to “Calls from ads”

google Ads conversion settings dropdown


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