We’ve Acquired TopCleats.com

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I’m happy to announce that last week we completed a deal that allowed us to acquire the site Topcleats.com. Actually, the acquisition falls under our sister company Blackbird e-Ventures but Blackbird e-Solutions will be the operator of the site.

This is an exciting shift in our business model. From the classic agency model of $$ for hours to acquiring and partnering for an equity stake in the businesses, we support with our services.

topcleats.com logo

TopCleats.com is a Content Site.

It is a review site for, you guessed it; Soccer Cleats!

The site includes information about the best soccer cleats on the market. And it turns out it will make a great compliment to the site we teased recently on social media.

We’re still working on the migration and soon we’ll start implementing our improvements to the site. 

Need New Cleats?

So, if you’re in the market for new soccer cleats, check it out! https://www.topcleats.com/

Stay In Touch

There are also many other ways to stay in touch, get our latest reviews, and see our progress. 

Are You a Freelance Copywriter?

If you love the written word, you enjoy research and you are passionate soccer or mt. biking we are looking for you!

To apply head over to our job listing: Copy Writers Remote Position

Enjoy and keep playing the beautiful game!

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