Times Are Changing – It Really is a Digital Age

This is a bit old, but very interesting to see how much has changed in the last Decade. Look at how the cost of storage has dropped, the production of CDs was cut in half and iTunes dowloads have exploded.

DecorMyEyes Owner Arrested After NYT Article and Google’s Announcement

Last week I posted about this guys story in connection to the changes Google made to their algorithm so that bad publicity won’t improve Google Ranks: Being Bad to Your Customers is Now Bad for Your Google Ranking It looks like Borker’s campaign to gain more visitors through online reviews, good and bad, has given […]

Where Do You Get Your News?

I participated in a poll today on LinkedIn: Where do you usually get your business news? Before selecting my choice I could have guessed what most people would answer, but I was quite surprised at how clearly lopsided the results were. (Click the image to enlarge) You do have to consider that this is a […]

RockMelt: A New Way to View the Internet

Marc Andreessen, the guy that revolutionized the internet back in the early 90s with Netscape, is backing a new startup browser that changes how you view the net. It brings social media, search and web browsing into one platform, creating a new surfing experience. Check out the demo video! Read more about the browser: Web […]

The Broadcast Industry: Is Their Catalyst Model Drying Up?

The cable industry has one of the best Catalyst Business Models out there. Is it finally drying up? I’ve written about the book Catalyst Code before. It’s about how companies, like Visa, Amazon, Google and cable companies, have tapped into a catalyst model for their businesses and created thriving businesses. The way it works is […]

Seth Godin Talks About Standing Out

Marketing expert Seth Godin explains why strange, outlandish and sometimes even bad ideas get our attention more than boring ones do. Today you can’t market to the masses: “Be remarkable.”

Facebook is Down. What Are We Going To Do!!

Yes, yes it’s true. Facebook is down. What are we going to do?!? The interesting thing, and I’m sure it will be talked about, what about all those sites that are using Facebook integration? Our site, just keeps trying to connect. So the browser appears to just keep spinning. Is there a danger in one […]

Net neutrality: New Talks With the FCC, Google and Verizon

What do you think? Should broadband providers be allowed to regulate traffic? Or should net neutrality prevail?

How Safe Do You Feel Online?

The US government released the first draft of what they are calling the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC)

Vuvuzelas for Everyone!

if you have become so accustomed to the droning in your head that you want it part of your everyday life. The bright folks over YouTube might just have an answer for you.