Is Crowdsourcing as Smart as We Hope?

Yesterday, I came across an interesting Peta Pixel: Why You Shouldn’t Give Too Much Weight Too Anonymous Online Critics, and it got me thinking. Briefly, here’s what what the the post was about: In 2006 a guy name André Rabelo submitted the photo below to group called DeleteMe!, where members of the group vote on […]

Love These Commercials – Chrome Browse as Fast as You Think

Did you get all the sayings on the first go?

Big Brother / Your Facebook Friends – Now Everyone Knows Where You Are

Brightkite’s recent integration with Facebook using Facebook Connect allows Brightkite users to automate their location..

Combine Media and Content for Website Success

It seems that there has bee some talk about Universal Search recently and many SEO and Online Marketing Companies are playing it up as something new.. ..a combination of engaging media and interesting relevant content will..

Get More Exposure for Your Website and Company Name: A LinkedIn Tip

As an entrepreneur and a business owner I use it to promote my business. I’ve noticed that many people are missing out on a simple way to increase exposure for their company name and website.

Does your online presence help your career?

Many of us have heard stories about someone that lost their job, didn’t get a job or even didn’t get their teaching certificate because of something that was posted online.

Videos from Pay Per Play – The Hub: Google first page in 7-8 hours!

Wow, this sounds too good to be true.. and well I would be willing to bet it is. There are many things that come to mind:

2007 A Big Year For Web Company Acquisitions

According to investment bankers Petsky Prunier, 2007 was a good year buyers and seller of business sector they call Digital Content & Commerce.

Wikia Search Alpha Goes Live Today

Wikia Search is the new user-based, or social search engine. The brain child of Wikimedia Foundation’s founder and CEO Jimmy Wales… …Will it be a Google killer? Certainly not for sometime. The whole concept is…

Blackbird e-Solutions Now on Facebook

We have also jumped into the fray of social networking sites. Blackbird e-Solutions now has a two pages on Facebook The first page is for Blackbird e-Solutions: Internet Marketing and the second second is for e-Life our blog.