“Don’t forget About the Body” When it Comes to Website Optimization

Straight from the disembodied head of Matt Cutts… “Don’t forget the body” when you optimize your website. Each page of a website is made of at least 3 main parts. The Head: This is where links for style information, scripts and meta tags (Title, Description) are found.  The code in the Head is not directly […]

“Buy a Link Now” and What Will You Get?

Today I notice on the bottom of the Reuters site there are ads that are served by Marchex. After there ads their a link that says, “Buy a Link Now.” As an SEO this made me cringe a little. (Click image to Enlarge) The reason this bothers me is because clearly Google does not want […]

12 Days of Googlemas

Good thing the folks at Google do search better than they sing! Haha Lyrics: On the 12th day of Googlemas my Googlebot gave to me… 12 optimized titles, 11 local listings, 10 Sitemaps submitted, 9 bloggers linking, 8 sitelinks showing, 7 Google trends, 6 social signals, 5 followed links, 4 404s fixed, 3 301s, 2 […]

Will SEO Be Around in 5 Years? Matt Cutts Says “Yes”

will seo exist in 5 years Matt Cutts

With the new launch of Google Instant there’s been a lot of talk about how it is going to kill SEO, or the need and ability for SEO professionals to effectively optimize websites so that they rank in Google’s SERPS (search engine results). Some people are going as far to say it is an SEO […]