Don’t Fall for Automated Reputation Management Services

So this totally sounds like a scam. The fact that Mashable posted this makes me lose a bit of respect for them as well. This is the title of the post on Mashable: Change the Top Google Search Result for Your Name for Free This is supposedly a service from Norton. Norton can’t guarantee what […]

Right From the Horses Mouth: No One Can Guarantee a #1 Ranking on Google

Ok first, Matt I’m not calling you a horse. But Google.. well, how about we say “right from Google”. Anyway, many people that don’t understand SEO often want a guarantee that they will be ranked #1 before they spend the money. That would be great if we could, but then everyone would be have a […]

Five Tips for Searching with Google

Google has a lot of features that you may no know about. Here are 5 lesser know ways to google