Is Crowdsourcing as Smart as We Hope?

Yesterday, I came across an interesting Peta Pixel: Why You Shouldn’t Give Too Much Weight Too Anonymous Online Critics, and it got me thinking. Briefly, here’s what what the the post was about: In 2006 a guy name André Rabelo submitted the photo below to group called DeleteMe!, where members of the group vote on […]

Is Your Site Ready to Go Global? 5 Things to Consider

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk recently about International SEO or Multilingual SEO. It seems people are understanding the value of properly targeting markets. I’ve experienced first hand how some multinational companies that try to skimp when it comes to properly localizing their websites and then they wonder why it isn’t successful in the […]

Google Tips for International SEO and Websites with Multiple Languages

Many international companies with multi-lingual sites use machine translation such as Google Translate to translate their content. Google has recently warned against doing this. Google’s own John Mu commented in the Google Webmaster Central forums: I just want to add a word of warning here — using automated translation tools to directly create content for […]

Localization, Internationalization, Translation. Do You Know the Difference?

When it comes to marketing and selling internationally there are three things you have to plan. You have to plan how you are going to approach localization, internationalization and translation of your products as you enter new markets. But first you have to know what each means and how they differ. Continuing this week’s them […]

Google’s Efforts to Create Natural Language Translation Tool for Speech – Discussion

On the linguistic side it is very difficult to imagine that a machine can replace a human.. ..On the technology side it is a great and exciting challenge to create a tool that can intelligently translate language in real time.

Think Locally in Every Way Possible – International SEO

I just commented on an article over on Search Engine World. Check it out

Obama White House Calls for Machine Translation

our quality of life and establish the foundation for the industries and jobs of the future

Combininng SEO and Localization Best Practices

Sure you can “translate” your keywords into foreign languages, but there is no guarantee that the will perform even remotely similar to the original. You need to Localize them!

Reassessing the causes (Mistranslation at origin of Vietnam war?) – Washington Times

I wonder how often this has happened throughout history? I bet it’s more than we realize. “It now seems clear that reports of a second attack, on Aug. 4, 1964, were mistaken — largely a product of “freak weather effects on radar and overeager sonarmen,” as the ship’s skipper would conclude later. It also seems […]

Wake up! How to Deal with Time Differences in Contact with Clients

Long-term collaboration is possible because both parties have realistic expectations and adjust their schedules to make sure a quality job is performed by a rested translator.