Microsoft Advertising Takes Aim at AdWords – Adds adCenter Training Hub

Microsoft has taken another step to try to compete with Google Adwords. They’ve added a free training hub where paid search professionals can hone their skills and learn about the latest updates to the Microsoft Search Alliance adCenter. One cool thing about it is if you register and sign in with your Windows Live ID […]

The New Google. Does “Don’t be Evil” Still Apply? – Part 1

In the last few months since Larry Page has taken the helm as CEO at Google he has been making a lot of changes to their services. They’ve been changing the look and feel of their various properties, even changing the functionality of their search pages. Larry has even said the company would “put more […]

Google Adwords and Trademarks – 5 Things You Didn’t Know

I recently had the experience of dealing with Google Adword’s trademark team for a Pharmacy Industry client. It turns out that after a long time of running the same ads using the client’s trademarked name, something set off the alarms for Google and the ads were disapproved. This was the strangest part for me. Why, […]

89% of Paid Search Traffic is Not Replaced by Organic Search

A Google Study Says: 89% of Traffic Generated by Search Ads is Not Replaced by Organic Search: Um isn’t that obvious?? I just read a post by Avinash Kaushik over on Google+ (Yep I’m on Google+ as well: Bryan Coe), about the use of PPC versus Organic Search. He was specifically talking about a study […]

A Story About the Catalyst Code

I read this book sometime ago, but was reminded of it recently when talking with a client. I was reminded of it again today when the same client told me he had taken my advice and read it! He pointed to his desk and said “can’t you see all my notes?” On his desk were […]

SEO Tip: Always Use Unique Titles for Each Page on Your Website

So often I come across websites that use the same page title for all their pages. This is usually either the fault of a lazy designer or someone that just doesn’t understand the importance of unique page titles. Without unique titles the search engine spiders that crawl your website will have less of a chance […]

Late Holiday Shoppers Help Break Record For Online Spending

It seems that this year people are waiting until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping and guess what, they’re doing it online.

Eric Schmidt From Google Responds to Rupert Murdoch and the Print Industry

The article strengthens the simple fact that if newspapers and magazines don’t learn to adapt and embrace today’s technology they will fail. Only by incorporating technology will they survive.

Combininng SEO and Localization Best Practices

Sure you can “translate” your keywords into foreign languages, but there is no guarantee that the will perform even remotely similar to the original. You need to Localize them!

Retailers must work to improve their natural keyword performance

Although retailers are improving their efforts to grab better placement in natural search (as apposed to PayPerClick/paid search advertising), they still have work ahead of them. Most retailers rely on holiday sales to boost their annual sales, and by doing a better job optimizing for better natural search results, retailers can boost traffic and increase […]