-1 Connections on LinkedIn

So what does it say about you if you have -1 connections on @LinkedIn ??? It can’t be good.

LinkedIn Adds Visual Network Mapping Tool – InMaps

LinkedIn recently launched a new feature called InMaps. With the new feature you can visualize your connections to see how they are connected to each other, where the hubs are and how your connections are related. All of this helps you better understand your relationship with your professional network. You might be surprised how some […]

LinkedIn Learns to Share, Launches Share Button

LinkedIn the worlds largest business social network launched their own share button. Like Facebook’s share button it can be added to your site so that people can share your content with their LinkedIn Network. You’ll find the code for adding the button to your site on LinkedIn’s Publishers page. You can choose from three different […]

LinkedIn Adds Open Groups

LinkedIn has recently shifted their philosophy with groups. They have added the option to groups so that the group owners can set the group to a public group or “open group”. The move will allow conversations and posts in open groups to be easily shared throughout the internet. So, if you post something in an […]

Where Do You Get Your News?

I participated in a poll today on LinkedIn: Where do you usually get your business news? Before selecting my choice I could have guessed what most people would answer, but I was quite surprised at how clearly lopsided the results were. (Click the image to enlarge) You do have to consider that this is a […]

LinkedIn: New Feature for Companies

LinkedIn has recently added some new features to their company profiles. You can now follow companies and receive updates

The Week in Review: e-Life 7/31/10-8/6/10

A recap of this weeks posts and tweets. 7/31/10-8/1/10

The Benefits of Universal Search

Universal search has actually been around for some time.. Even though it has been over 3 years since it went live, many companies, SEO firms and marketing agencies are still not taking advantage of it.

Social Media to Peak in 2012 – What’s Next?

In my opinion social media is hot and the term is talked about and searched a lot, but just because the hottness wears off and the term becomes more common place doesn’t mean the death of it.

LinkedIn Gets Facebooked

LinkedIn is starting to look more and more like Twitter and Facebook. You can now share links directly within the LinkedIn platform.